Home Raise funds for your startup or cause every time you Google.

  • Everytime you search Google with Soseen.org, you earn half a point*. So for every two searches, you earn a point.
  • Once you reach 500 points, you can donate those 500 points - or € 5 - to a cause, project or startup business you selected to support. The cause or start up determines whether and when they give you something in return for your contribution.
  • If you don't wish to support a cause, you can request a payout of € 3 for yourself.
    Either way, you can change your selection anytime.
  • How is this possible? As a Google partner, we receive a small commission using their service and showing their ads. Beside that there's other advertisers paying to show their ad. This enables us to transfer € 5 to your cause.

* Only valid searches. Please do not spam the search engine (too many searches in a short period of time) as your counter can be blocked.

Home Who can register?

Anybody can. And it's free!
Register as a "SUPPORTER" and save up money
  • for a cause : choose your cause in "I'm supporting" on your profile edit. Upon reaching 500 points, we send € 5 to the project's total.
  • or
  • for yourself : leave "I'm supporting" blank. Upon reaching 500 points, you receive a payout of € 3.
Register your "CAUSE" (startup business, social initiative, association, good cause, school, social project, music band, etc.) and get people to support you. We will revise your cause before making it selectable.
Create a profilehere.
Home How do I search through Soseen.org?

We made searching the web easy for you and collected the most popular sites into one. You can make us your homepage and default search* by:
  • Internet Explorer: clicking on this icon Search IE good cause
  • in Firefox and Chrome: click here Search Social Firefox or Search Chrome , then drag this icon logo NGO search onto your home page icon in your browser bar.
Notes: Chrome does not make it your default search engine right away. Right-click in your address bar - > Manage Search Engines -> hover on 'Soseen.Org' -> make default. More info on setting the homepage here and on making soseen.org your default search provider here.

The search page comes in four languages, and is adapted to each one:   Search engine English NGO   Buscador Internet caridades y ONG   Rechercher l'internet ONG   Internet zoekmachine NGO. There's a mobile version and a simple version.

(i.e. searching through the address bar or search box in your browser)

Home How and when do I get paid?

We only pay through PAYPAL. So please provide a valid email address. As a SUPPORTER you get paid € 3 when you reach 500 points and " I'm supporting" in your profile is empty. If you are supporting a cause, 500 points will be automatically transferred to that cause's total.

As a CAUSE, you get an automatic payout when your total reaches 5000 points (equals € 50).
Home Free and Waves
  • Free You can post classified ads in this section . If you have stuff you want to give away for free, or want to trade, this is the place for you. You can also post non-free ads.

  • Waves When you register, you automatically join the wave of your country. Use this wave to interact with people from and active in your country. You can post on the wall, post photos, videos and events. You can join other waves, or even create subwaves freely.

Home How to link to us
You can like us on Facebook Fb
Share and tweet your profile. The direct link to your profile is http://www.soseen.org/your-user. Your-user is your registered name and spaces are replaced by -. Check this is the correct link before emailing or sharing!
You can link to us copying and pasting one of the following codes to your site or blog:

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Home About Me
Me Blue
Hi! My name is Benedict, and I'm the founder of Soseen.Org. What started out as a hobby has evolved into a decent site with a unique functionality. I hope the site reflects the tons of work that I've poured into it. I'm hoping this site reaches it's objective to support and encourage entrepreneurship. And therefor I'm counting on you!
Thank you for stopping by, and hope to see you again very soon... on this site.
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